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Why Join Mercaz-Masorti Australasia?

Whether we send Masorti delegates from Australia to the upcoming World Zionist Congress depends on each of you simply joining Mercaz-Masorti Australasia. We need your help: Join Mercaz


It is the smallest, yet most effective commitment you will ever make to Israel.


Rabbi Kaiserblueth is a world traveller, having spent time in the United States, Argentina, Israel, and the United Kingdom. He was born in Puerto Rico and is married with 3 children.

He was ordained in 2010 from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and has dedicated his rabbinate to making the texts and rituals of our tradition relevant and accessible to those he teaches, trying to always be influenced by the words, "ivdu et hashem b’simcha, serve God with joy” (Ps 100:2). For thirteen years, he served as a chaplain in the United States Navy Reserve. He is currently a Rabbi at Emanuel Synagogue, in Sydney, and Board Member of Masorti Olami.


Rabbi Kaiserblueth enjoys cooking, travel, and anything to do with airplanes!


Since his arrival from Israel, Rabbi Sadoff is serving as the spiritual leader of Kehilat Nitzan, Melbourne's Masorti congregation and Board Member of Masorti Olami. He came to Australia after serving as Rabbi of Kehillat Magen Avraham in Omer, Israel, and as Associate Rabbi at the Adath Jeshurun Congregation in Minneapolis USA.


Ordained by the Masorti Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem, Rabbi Sadoff has a great passion for the study of Kabbalah, Hasidism, Musar (Jewish Ethics), art, film and music, and has great hopes of growing the Masorti approach to Judaism in Australia, generally, and in Melbourne, specifically.


Chloe is a 20 year old Masorti Jew who until her most recent visit to Israel, assumed that all Masorti Jews shared reasonably similar choices, freedoms and liberties. When visiting Israel on the Masorti NOAM youth leadership program in June 2019, she soon realised that she was wrong.


"I was shocked and saddened to see the limitations and discriminations facing Masorti Jews in Israel. The pluralist Rabbis aren’t recognised, meaning that weddings, bar and bat mitzvah and Brit Milah performed by them are not recognised. I simply ask that if you value you’re masorti freedoms and liberties in Australia, then please support Mercaz".


Eric has been a member of Emanuel Synagogue in Sydney for over 30 years. One of the original members of the Masorti minyan when it began (the first in Australia), he has been an activist in, and sometimes Board member of, this dynamic pluralist community.


Recognising that real pluralism respects both differences and shared visions, he has been committed to ensuring that Masorti in Australia is connected with Masorti in Israel and around the world.

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