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Past Event
Dr Yizhar Hess - Jews Can't Stay Silent on Israel
Past Event
Ukraine: Rising to the Challenge

8PM EST Sunday 27th March

MC: Mark Ellison Kehilat Nitzan Melbourne.

Intro: Rabbi Sadoff - Board Member Masorti Olami

Part 1: What’s Happening.

The War in Ukraine - Hear from Rabbi Reuven and Lena Stamov, rabbi and leaders of our Masorti communities in Ukraine, about what’s happening on the ground.

Part 3: Support for Front Line communities
receiving refugees.

Berlin, Budapest, Warsaw and Prague and support from across Masorti Europe - Hear from: Rabbi Chaim Weiner - Masorti Europe.

Part 2: What is Masorti Olami doing and what comes next?

Coordinating Evacuation in Ukraine on behalf of Masorti Olami together with the Schechter Institutes – Hear from Tehila Reuben, Deputy Director, Masorti & MERCAZ Olami.

Part 4: How can we in Australia provide immediate practical support?

Rabbi Rafi Kaiserblueth - Board Member Masorti Olami.

Past Event
Tisha B'Av
TishaBAv Event
Past Event
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