Now well established, but still relatively new on the Australian scene, Masorti provides a welcoming home to all Jews seeking an authentic, open hearted and intelligent approach to the rich diversity of our tradition.

Masorti articulates a traditional halachic approach to Jewish life defined by the classical books of the rabbis the Mishnah and Talmud refined through the codes and responsa, understanding that to be credible to modern Jews this must also be informed by science and modern thought.

The ritual form and content of our services are traditional. However, unlike orthodox practice, men and women can and do participate equally and there are some limited changes in the liturgy.

Masorti had its beginnings in the liberalising Germany and Europe of the 19th century and flowered in the twentieth century in the United States (where it is often called Conservative).

Masorti is now well represented in Israel and throughout the diaspora including Europe, South America, the UK, Canada and has a bright future in our traditional and open-minded Jewish community in Australia.

Mercaz-Masorti Australasia is the representative in our region of Mercaz Olami – the international Zionist organisation of the Masorti/Conservative movement.


We work to help ensure that Israel lives in peace and security and cooperate in strengthening Masorti life in Israel, Australia, Eastern Europe, South America, the UK, Europe, North America and worldwide.


Through our affiliation with the Zionist Federation of Australia we contribute to vital advocacy for Israel in Australia.

Emanuel Synagogue in Sydney is the home of the first Masorti minyan in Australia. Committed to religious pluralism and providing Masorti, Progressive and Renewal streams, Emanuel Synagogue is one of the largest congregations in the southern hemisphere.


Service and contact details are provided at

Kehilat Nitzan in Melbourne is a thriving Masorti congregation and can be contacted via its website


Our rabbis are members of the Rabbinical Assembly - the international organisation of Masorti (Conservative) rabbonim and are required to adhere to its standards.

Our rabbis have formed the Australasian Masorti Beit Din to provide guidance to Masorti Australasia, assessment of proposed new congregations, responses to your questions and assistance with lifecycle events such as weddings, funerals, conversions.

For more information please contact the Beit Din.


Get your creative juices flowing this summer holidays and enter our competition to illustrate the front cover of our first ever edition of MasortiOz*! This community-wide publication will start Pesach 2020!

* Working title.


Emanuel Synagogue

7 Ocean Street

Woollahra, 2025

Sydney NSW


Tel: +61 2 9389 6444




Kehilat Nitzan

36-40 Hawthorn Road

Caulfield North, 3161

Melbourne VIC


Tel: +61 3 9500 0906


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